Mergers & Acquisitions

ROBALINO provides consulting services to local, multinational, and multilateral organization, as well as small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, and financial advisors in complex corporate transactions, calling on our vast experience on a local, regional and international level in all business segments.

ROBALINO has assisted different companies on relevant large transactions both in Ecuador and on a regional level. 

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our professionals and their different specialties, ROBALINO offers sophisticated legal auditing services, maximizing our use of time and financial resources to alert our clients to the contingencies and advantages of each transaction. We propose integrated solutions that safeguard the interests of each client while minimizing their risks and liabilities. 

The Mergers & Acquisitions area actively collaborates and interacts with the other areas of the firm to provide diverse and multidisciplinary approaches for each scenario put forward, guaranteeing a well-founded and comprehensive response.