Andy Tumbaco Martínez

Andy Tumbaco Martínez

Semi Senior | CPA Consultores
  • Email: atumbaco@cpaconsultores.com
  • Resumen: Andy is a Semi Senior Accountant who works in the Tax area of CPA Consultores, participating in tax reimbursement processes, ongoing tax consulting, and tax compliance.
  • Idiomas: Spanish and English


At CPA CONSULTORES, Andy works on in tax reimbursement processes and tax assessments, and reviews tax obligations of local companies.

Prior to joining the firm, he worked in a fuel sales company as an accounting analyst for more than two years where he was responsible for preparing corporate income tax returns, Value Added Tax (VAT) returns, source withholdings forms, ATS annexes, REDEP, APS, ICT, payroll and social benefits provisions, bank reconciliations, fixed asset depreciation calculations, registering purchase invoices, withholding slips, payments to suppliers, and preparing reports for the Superintendence of Companies, preparing cash flow projections, and reviewing accounts for financial statements.

Andy also has experience in managing accounting software packages and multicash operations, and reporting to the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, the Superintendence of Companies, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Activities & Memberships

  • Alumni Association, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.
  • Alumni Association, Universidad Tecnológica Latinoamericana en Línea.