Emilio José Aguayo Vera

Emilio José Aguayo Vera

  • Email: eaguayo@robalinolaw.com
  • Resumen: Emilio Jose is a Senior Associate of the Firm who is part of the Tax and Litigation practices. He advises large local and international companies, providing comprehensive legal consulting services on tax, regulatory and labor issues, and sponsoring clients in dispute resolution processes.
  • Idiomas: Spanish, French and English


Emilio Jose has 12 years of professional experience as a legal advisor and litigator.  He is well-known for fully advising several companies on tax, regulatory and labor issues, and for providing sponsorship for his clients in resolving disputes.  He also advises on fraud prevention.

In ROBALINO Abogados, Emilio Jose is part of the Tax and Litigation practices.  He has been a legal representative for large national and international companies, sponsoring clients in tax litigation, administrative litigation, labor disputes, and in civil and commercial matters, with a significant number of favorable judgments.  His practice largely focuses on the Energy, Food, Exports, Banking, and Digital Services sectors, among others.

Previously, Emilio Jose was part of a renowned law firm in the city of Guayaquil.  Starting in 2011, he worked for the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) as a tax attorney for contentious tax processes and in coercive enforcement processes.  In 2013, he was the National Legal Manager of the SRI in the criminal area.

He served as the Regional Director of Labor and Public Service of Guayaquil in 2015, being the highest authority of the Ministry of Labor in the provinces of Guayas, Galapagos, Los Rios, Bolivar and Santa Elena.  In 2016, he was the General Coordinator of Legal Consulting of the Ministry of Labor, being in charge of the legal departments of Labor and Public Service in answering queries, resolving appeals and sponsorship.

In 2017, he was the Director and Advisor on Human Rights of the Prosecutor’s Office in 2017.

He has given keynote conferences on Preventing Tax Fraud in various academic and professional forums to public and judicial servants, and to independent professionals.


  • Forum of Attorneys  Ecuador

Activities & Memberships

  • Professor of Tax Law and Administrative Law for the Masters of Procedural Law program, Ecotec University.  
  • Professor of Labor Law and Conflict Negotiation & Management for the Master’s program of Human Resources Management, Ecotec University. 
  • Thesis Preparation Tutor for the Masters of Procedural Law program, Ecotec University
  • Member of Graduation Panel of the Masters of Procedural Law program, Ecotec University.