Iván Salazar Jaramillo

Iván Salazar Jaramillo

  • Email: isalazar@robalinolaw.com
  • Resumen: Iván provides legal consulting services in the Corporate area of the firm.
  • Idiomas: Spanish and English


At Robalino Abogados, Iván works in the area of ​​Free Competition, Corporate Law, and Legal Marketing.

Prior to joining the firm, he worked in different public institutions preparing court orders and seizure orders, as well as orders issued by the Provincial Commission of Guayas for Services and Controversies to enforce agreements. In addition, he reviewed payment records of various orders and files submitted by external lawyers, and promoted and followed up on coercive trials involving public institutions and private companies in the Guayas Provincial Office.

Iván also managed sanctioning processes and administrative claims, judicially represented the institution, prepared and defined legal criteria to provide legal advice to its different areas, and prepared drafts for resolutions, agreements and other legal instruments. He was a Coercive Collector and was in charge of reviewing and overseeing the institution’s coercive processes.

In the private sector, Iván has provided corporate, administrative and intellectual property legal advice to different organizations. He was primarily responsible for trademark registrations, company incorporation processes, sanitary registrations, sanitary notifications, operating permits, and sanctioning administrative processes filed by the ARCSA.


Bar Association