Luis Carlos Fernández Gilbert

Luis Carlos Fernández Gilbert

  • Email: lcfernandez@robalinolaw.com
  • Resumen: Luis Carlos is a partner of the Labor practice. He also leads the Procedural Law and Labor Law teams of the firm.
  • Idiomas: Spanish and English


Luis Carlos specializes in a wide range of procedural matters, and has significant knowledge in contentious civil, commercial, labor and administrative processes. He also has vast experience in arbitration proceedings as both a judge and as a party.

He has participated in various processes with trade associations and has negotiated collective bargaining agreements for large companies in Ecuador.

Luis Carlos has served as associate justice of the Civil and Mercantile Chamber of the Provincial Court of Justice, arbitrator of the Chamber of Commerce of Quito, and Chair of Procedural Law at two universities.

He has participated in high-profile legal proceedings in Ecuador, in addition to being a legal advisor on corporate, business, and labor issues.


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