Ricardo Cisneros Moran

Ricardo Cisneros Moran

Senior | CPA Consultants
  • Email: rcisneros@cpaconsultores.com
  • Resumen: Ricardo is a Senior Accountant and consultant in accounting, tax, and financial practices. He takes continuous training on local and international standards applicable to commercial and services companies.
  • Idiomas: Spanish and English


Ricardo is an experienced consultant who provides advice on tax and financial issues to local and international clients operating in the country, specializing in tax planning and analysis of international financial and accounting regulations. He also has experience in reviewing and monitoring tax compliance and labor issues in Payroll processes.

Over the course of his professional experience, Ricardo has been involved in year-end accounting processes and filing tax reconciliations for companies categorized as large enterprises and SMEs. He has experience working with companies that provide advertising services, air passenger transport services, and retail and hotel management companies.

Ricardo has actively worked on company incorporation processes, presenting initial tax information and providing support on corporate and municipal issues. He has also been part of billing planning and cash flow projection teams formed to boost liquidity for companies.